The efforts of specialists aimed at creating innovative solutions for facial skin care, skin rejuvenation and returning vital force and energy to it do not cease. And of course, the focus here is on skin nourishment and enrichment with vitamins, microelements and valuable lipids. Restoration and preservation of the internal hormonal balance is of key importance here as well. The first procedure ensures an instantaneous result, while the full course ensures stable results. Individual approach is rendered to each customer. SOTHYS “Helios” represents the skin care products of world famous French SOTHYS brand: daily care resources that gently purify the skin and give it a healthy look. SOTHYS offers anti-age care with the use of preparations enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid that nourish the skin and give it a young look. By removing the dead cells of the skin that are accumulated on the surface of the skin every day, the care products of the world famous brand allow the skin to better absorb the active substances, ensuring excellent care results. HOLY LAND HOLY LAND professional skin care is produced in Israel. The company produces 200 items which are a combination of natural substances and modern technologies: care products intended for different types of body and facial skin. These professional care products of Holy Land are best for fighting against loose, fatty or dry skin and other problems resulted by age changes. In addition, there are products for hair that restore its growth, treat seborrhea and sebaceous glands function disorders. There are also hand and foot care means, as well as neck and decolletage rejuvenation preparations. These preparations are made of natural products, they are hypoallergenic and eco friendly, rich in vitamins, microelements and acids. RENEW The Israeli made high quality RENEW brand introduces care products intended for any skin type. They nourish, soften and protect the skin from external effects. RENEW is applicable for different body and facial skins. It is successfully used for a comprehensive treatment of such serious dermatological diseases as couperosis, acne, seborrhea or dermatitis.

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