Soprano XL

Epilation is among the most popular procedures worldwide. Helios Clinic offers the most leading methods of epilation, including laser epilation with Soprano XL equipment. It is a last generation equipment produced by Israeli Alma Lasers company. This new laser diode - based equipment combined with InMotion technology effectively eliminates hair follicle, as a result of which the growth of undesired dark hair on any skin is prevented.

The painless and effective removal of undesired hair is an issue that modern aesthetic medicine tries to solve. A real revolution is taking place in this scientific sphere due to the introduction of the new generation of hardware epilation technology. “Pain-Free, Hair-Free” procedure is absolutely painless.

Light Sheer ET

Light Sheer ET hair removal equipment (810 nm), considered as a gold standard in laser technologies, is designed for any type of skin.

It has the following advantages

  • Contact freezing knob for the upper layer of the skin
  • Reaches any part of the body
  • Comprehensive treatment: removal of pigmentation and hair

The skin is frozen with the help of ChillTipTM technology prior and during the intervention thank to which the feeling of discomfort is minimized.

On the average 6-8 procedures are necessary for best laser hair removal results. However, the positive effects can be visible after the first intervention. The specialty of laser method of hair removal is that the laser pulses affect only the hairs that are in the active phase of growth during the implementation of the procedure. Therefore, those hairs that are in a “sleeping” condition cannot be affected by the laser. This is the reason why a range of interventions with intervals from 1.5-2 months are necessary for a full removal of hairs in a certain part of the body.

Contraindications: cases when laser epilation is forbidden

  • acute and chronic stages of skin diseases
  • endocrine diseases
  • active phase herpes
  • infectious diseases
  • malignant skin neoplasm
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
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